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My name is Daniel Johnson, I'm from New Orleans and I am the Founder of Risen Vision. A company built off an idea to start writing brand new comic books.




At the age of 9, I was always writing and drawing and did a couple of mini books making them out of paper and folding to make a mini comics. I have always had a passion for creativity, being original for me is special and gets me very excited and passionate.





By age 16, I wrote my first book and drew out a rough draft comic. The comic consisted of over 30 plus pages front and back. That book we see now that is out on barnes and and, is Saint Issue 1. Also by age 16, I created the business name and logo. It was originally called 'Risen' but at the time, I didn't really understand why I was doing it. It was just a love that would get me hyped going forward.




Over the years, I created more books and drew them out, By age 19, I had a universe of books I was working on. They were only rough draft but I use to dream of being a person to share my stories with the world. My books always were a mix of heroes and christian pricinples. Growing up in church, God has always been #1 in my life, and Im a firm believer that he puts the passion in you to fufill what he has called you to do. This was and is my God given talent.




It became meaningful to me when i got to baton rouge after hurricane katrina blew our house roof off being from new orleans originally. In 2006 when I got to baton rouge, people in baton rouge were/are pretty negative. Its a depressing vibe so going forward, I wanted to base my stories in general around louisiana. I grew up in baton rouge embracing that negative vibe but because I know how it can affect the people of this city, I wanted to be a help to this community and in general louisiana. Louisiana has some of the highest crime rates in the world so I want to help bring change through the books I write that teaches forgiveness and relate with things I grew up seeing. New Orleans was one of the worst places and labeled murder capital in the 90s.


I believe God called me to do fictional heroic and anti heroic stories and base them around my homestate. They are heroes but the message in each book always is to embrace what you love to do inside of you. Most of my hero stories are about them being chosen due to a loved one they lost. Its like in life, you have to go through to get to. Theres never a blessing without a test and sometimes those test may seem tragic but at the end of the tunnel, theres a blessing waiting that you come to understand down the line and is thankful. That is what my books tell and even me in general understand now. We are about giving back to the community and helping especially our youth in this negative world be a positive figure and spread whatever there passion is throughout the world.




All positive energy going forward for us. Shoutout to the RV team. Risen represents what we as a human race should be coming up with. Vision represents you and I. Risen Vision. Thanks for your time and we are just getting started. Saint Issue 1 tells a story about a man who lost his mother and is called to redemption to protect his city. Stay tuned for me and follow us. Theres much more to come.



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