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What's up RV fam, today I want to go into perspective about the teacher and guide of Derek Pin/Saint. I don't go too much into detail of the character in issue 1 so I want to fill a few plot holes here. Luke Wrath who was born in Hammoville. I will give a lil bit of why the character was chosen as an ideal character for me to go with.

Luke Wrath is in his 60s and for over 20 years, he hid from his calling after his brother was murdered from the man who they trained and raised as their own. He promised never to trust nor raise another and for 20 years, he was filled with guilt because of his brother's death but he knew he was supposed to be looking for Brandon's predecessor. Out of fear, he never moved on his calling, but he knew that the next hero was out there. It would just take 20 years. Luke always been the younger brother but the wiser one as his younger brother was wise but also a bit gullible. Luke deep down sensed a darkness rising in Brandon Faloid but tried to help him stray away from that darkness the best way he could. Years before Luke was chosen alongside his brother to protect this weapon that was the key to finding the protector of Hammoville, he and his younger brother were foster kids and never knew their true parents.

Here are some fun facts about Luke Wrath. He is actually half black, half asian. His father was of asian descent, and he does not know much about him, but he will soon. He trained alongside his brother at a young age as the foster parent knew self-defense. They trained day and night and lived in a rough area so protecting one another was a must. It served them well as they grew older into their purpose.

Luke has much more story to tell so stay tuned.

Luke Wrath-Name



Highly skilled Martial Arts Master and One of Two protectors of The Sire Sword

The Flames-Power

Saint Issue 1&2 now available at and

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