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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Welcome Fam!!! Thanks for visiting My name is Daniel Johnson. I am the author and the creator of Risen Vision Comics. Risen Vision was founded in 2008. Risen Vision Comics is a series of comic books based on African American superheroes. The first three issues in Risen Vision Comics, follow Saint and his heroic journey.

Saint is better known as Derek Pin who story takes place in Hammoville which is based out of New Orleans, my hometown. I wanted to use a southern take on comics which is extremely rare. We normally get New York city but the south does not get the love it can get in a fictional world.

Derek Pin lost his mother three months before his life was completely changed. He now lives with his single father. Derek struggled those 3 months focusing on finding a career and passion for something he loved. Before losing his mother, he already struggled before the fact it was just harder now. His mind was so distracted and hurt with the loss of his mother. He is in college for graphic design but lost that passion. One day, he went to the store to get some milk requested by his stepdad. He got the milk, was heading home and he witnessed an altercation. There he would meet someone who would lead him into his calling and later on Derek would come to learn of his calling. Luke Wrath was appointed by God through faith to take Derek under his wing and help him embrace fully who he has been looking to become. In a matter of months, Saint became the warrior he was destined to become. That being said, he is years away from becoming fully who he has been purposed to become. After Derek finds his calling in life, other things come into play like his life as a whole. He has an idea of his passions and continue graphic arts but now has to find the balance of life and being successful.

Derek Pin-Name



College student and future savior of Hammoville as he protects the city known as Saint

You can purchase Saint Issue 1 & 2 now at under shop.

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