Risen Vision Comics "Saint God's Warrior" Chapter 1, issue 2 is a 80 page book part of a short 3 part comic book series that shows the origin of a young man who will find his calling in Christ.This second issue in the story continues 6 months after issue 1 when we learn of Derek’s past and the struggle of balancing his personal and new life. Saint’s powers will be explored more as he will find out that he is extremely important to his city and his purpose in Jesus. 

Saint God's Warrior Comic Book Issue 2


    Risen Vision is a comic book business that REPRESENTS god and purpose. IN EACH OF OUR BOOKS, THE STORYLINES THAT TAKE PLACE IS FOR ENTERTAINENT PURPOSES. however, WE WANT TO BE RELATABLE TO THE READER, all while giving a symbolic message to help and teach our youth and young at heart to follow and embrace their dreams and passion. storylines within the entertainment of the books such as forgiveness is big, giving back to the community is important for us. the most important thing to us however is spreading the love of jesus.